Double R Machine, Inc.
Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

1326 Skalkaho Hwy. Hamilton


Contacts: Monte Koppes, Gen Mgr.

Russ Koppes,

Owner Phone: 406-375-8585

Fax: 406-375-8584


We cut any material up to (4-6) inches thick. All metals tile slate glass mirror ceramic marble composites plastics wood rubber and more We machine with water and garnet at 50,000 PSI with precision accuracy (+/- .003"). The jet stream is .03 diameter so very little material is lost.

The cut edge is smooth with little or no burr. The manufacturing process does not create heat, so the surface will not be cracked or welded or have a heat affected edge. The table will hold a 5' X 10' sheet.

This water jet machining technology is a proven process in precision part production. Our machine is ideal for short-run part production as well as high production, directly from a CAD, DWG or DXF file. This state-of-the art technology will meet your needs in applications of precision machining, unique architectural projects, creative art design, and etc.

Our current support equipment includes conventional lathe and mill, a tumble deburr machine (13"x13"x 31"), TIG and MIG welder (both in shop and mobile unit) and CNC mill and lathe service available.

We appreciate your interest and business!!!!